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“My specialty is creating a haircut and color that complement each other. I always work to create a haircut for my clients that factor in hair growth patterns, hair texture, and lifestyle. Having the knowledge to add colour that accentuates the haircut is what makes it all come alive.”

Pamela is passionate about using eco-friendly products because she cares deeply about the environment and saving the planet for future generations. Since skin is our largest organ and what we put on it absorbs directly into our bloodstream, we need to be demanding about what is in our products.

Her guests can expect that she is always current with trends and styles as she loves attending seminars throughout the year to stay up-to-date. No matter how old or young you are, Pamela wants you to have the most current hairstyle/hair trends.

In her free time she likes to spend time with her three daughters, husband, and new labradoodle puppy. She loves to cook, spend time with friends and family, camp or even rent a cabin. She grew up in Newfoundland and so she enjoys taking trips out to visit her family. Her Nan from Newfoundland was a great crafter and she learned a lot from her. She started Pamela knitting at a young age and she’s pretty sure all of the dexterity and creativity helps with her career as a hairstylist.




“My specialty is cutting, styling, and colouring short hair. I love seeing the transformation that a short cut can bring!”

Mike sees hairstyling and products as an opportunity to keep things as natural as possible. He sees this as being very important to the health of both your hair and the environment.

Mike is passionate about providing consistent and friendly service to each of his guests and he loves watching the transformation that a new cut or style can bring to someone’s whole face and demeanour.

When he’s not cutting hair, Mike enjoys spending time gardening, and being outside as much as possible.




“As much as I enjoy creating the whole package, I love working with thick unruly hair! To be able to create a smooth sleek look, or full bouncy look with just the use of a round brush and blow dryer brings a great sense of accomplishment.”

Shannon loves taking your hair into her hands and creating a whole new colour and style. Having an eco-friendly salon and providing eco-friendly services is important to her because she wants to provide her clients with the best and safest products for their well-being.

Over the years her clients have become more of an extension of her family and friends. They can expect her to be there with a smile and support whenever they need her. And they know with full assurance that she will give them 100% every time they come in, ensuring that they always leave with a smile.

Shannon enjoys all sorts of activities outside of the salon, but most of all she loves to workout everyday. She also likes to cook healthy meals for her family, and baking all kinds of sweet treats to bringing to work for staff and clients to enjoy. When she’s in the mood to sit and relax, she likes nothing better than to sit down with a good book and a fabulous glass of wine.



“My goal is to make my clients feel comfortable and confident and I always like to have a little fun, too! And of course, giving them a great new look!”

Melissa enjoys working with all types of hair textures and styles. She feels confident exploring and trying new cuts and colouring techniques. She also loves highlights and colouring and finds the most satisfaction when going for an all over change/makeover with her adventurous clients.

Eco-friendly hair care has always been an important aspect of taking care of her clients and she sees healthy products as key in maintaining healthy hair.

Melissa loves living around the Corydon area because she’s close to everything; boutiques, restaurants, and awesome places to explore and take a stroll.




“I have a good knowledge and understanding of colour theory. I also enjoy helping each client have a relaxing experience during their appointment by giving the best wash and scalp massage that I can.”

Kelsey loves helping you relax. She totally relates to her clients when at the sink because she finds that a good scalp massage can destress and put her in a better mood. She loves being able to pass the good feelings along.

It is very important to her that the product lines she uses are environmentally friendly because she takes is as her responsibility to do her part to help keep the earth safe through sustainable practices.

In her free time (outside of being a full-time momma which she also loves), she is a member of the Blue Bomber cheer and dance team. She loves being able to showcase her passion for cheerleading in front of a crowd of 30,000!



“I love love love highlighting, foilayage, and balayage. It’s amazing how natural or dimensional you can make a look. It’s all about customizing and that’s where these techniques come in to play.”

Hillarey loves enhancing the beauty and features that each of her clients already have. She loves making people feel  more confident and good about themselves when they leave the salon.

To Hillarey, eco-friendly hair care is important because it not only benefits the health of our hair without the use of any harsh chemicals and fillers but also reduces waste which helps protect the well-being of our planet and helps us live healthier lifestyles.

Her guests can expect a down-to-earth personality and great attention to detail.

She also enjoys going to the cabin with her husband and 2 two boys. Spending time outdoors gardening, hiking, biking and practicing yoga are just a few things she does to relax and decompress.




My specialty is beachy highlights/colouring and pixie cuts and I love doing updos.”

Brittany enjoys having fun and creating interesting and textured looks whether it’s with colour, short hair, or longer lengths.

As someone with skin sensitivities she can really see and feel the negative impacts of harsh chemicals first hand. That’s why it’s important to her that she chooses products that respect your body, skin, hair, and the environment.

Her guarantee to each one of her clients is a relaxed, soothing experience with a keen and particular attention to detail.

Aside from creating the perfect style for you, she loves being outside, hiking, biking, and spending time at the beach.



“My specialties include soft and romantic updos. I love making someone feel their absolute best on a special day when it’s their time in the spotlight, whether it’s their wedding day or graduation.”

Annette loves creating dimensional and lived in blondes. She is confident that together, she and her clients can find a colour that will work with their maintenance commitment so they can have fabulous hair for longer periods of time.

For Annette, educating her clients is also something she’s very passionate about. This is because she wants them to have great hair everyday, not just on the days when they leave the salon.

She feels that using eco-friendly products is important because we only have one planet and it’s up to each of us to contribute in one way or another, even if it’s one small act or conscious choice. Doing something is always better than doing nothing.

Outside of styling hair, Annette manages a historical building, co-hosts a podcast, and she loves dancing!! She takes Salsa and Bachata classes and it makes her soul happy!




“I love blonding and extensions, but I am constantly seeking out education on anything and everything to fit all the needs that my clients may have.”

Madeline knows that helping each person feel confident in themselves and how they look day-to-day (not just on special occasions) is the most important part of her job. Her guests can expect to always be her number one priority during their time at Angles.

She strives to be friendly and kind and to always do her best to make you feel your best!

When she’s not cutting hair, she enjoys embroidery, catching up with friends, and adventuring both in the city and in the backwoods.